IT Distribution has been our life-blood for over 20 years. DP Data specialise in quality networking and storage equipment and our product range includes leading brands from across the industry.


DP Data offer a range of professional services to deliver an all-round package.
We are the trusted choice for tailored technology and innovative thinking.


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With extensive global logistical capability, DP Data deliver beyond your expectations, every step of the way.


At DP Data we understand that the IT landscape is evolving and the needs of our customers are changing. As a result, we continually invest in technology and partnerships to offer a complete wrap-around service, from installation right the way through to maintenance and ongoing support.

Our industry experience, innovative approach and technical savvy ensure we can meet even the most challenging requirements, allowing our customers to focus on what they do best.

Our Range


We stock a wide range of reliable storage options encompassing disk and tape solutions. Products include server direct attached storage and storage solutions designed to be shared across your network. Innovative disk storage that is scalable by design to meet the growing needs of your business. Advanced disk storage offering site to site replication for the ultimate in resilience. Tape storage ranging from single tape drives through to autoloaders and libraries.


Scalable, high-performance networking solutions connecting end users to their information and applications. DP Data offer a diverse array of routers and switches to grow your network with affordable and cutting edge wireless equipment affording increased flexibility combined with high grade security appliances to secure your solutions. Added to this is our extensive range of modules, transceivers, cables and accessories (both original manufacturer and 3rd party) to ensure full functionality.


Powerful, affordable, high performance compute with an emphasis on scalability and reliability. With product ranges suiting SMB to large corporate we specialise in Tower, Rack and Blade centre solutions. From single processor models to multi processor, multi core solutions specially designed for virtualised and non virtualised environments. Added to this is an extensive range of server options and upgrades to ensure solutions meet your future needs.


We offer a number of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions, both Online and Line interactive, and at a variety of power levels. We also offer accessories including batteries for extended runtimes, network cards for ease of management, and various racking and mounting options. Alongside our range of APC kit, we are also a distributor for Borri; a more affordable but equally effective choice.




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